Our next First Friday event is 

December 6th, 2019, 5:00-9:00 PM

PLPC Ministries, LLC, d/b/a Faith Arts Village Orlando

An Outreach of Park Lake Presbyterian Church, Orlando

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FAVO at night is a beautiful sight. Visit us every 1st Friday!

Some interesting history about the FAVO building!



FAVO Permanent Artist Studios:

(Web links are highlighted, click to enlarge image)

Gallery 17-92, Framer and Art Broker 136 – 137

Cheri Riechers – Painter 138

Mimi Hwang – Painter  139


Jennifer Oliver, Painter/Animator 140

Don Moon art 141T

Don Moon, Painter and Animator 141

Katherine Blackmore – painter 142

Eric Blackmore – Photographer 142

Cake Marques, painter, 143

Jeggery Pfaff, abstract painter 143

Michael McGrath, painter 143


Cutting lone Productions, Elise Holy, textile artist 145 and 148

Cutting Lone Productions Corey Schreck, textile artist 145 and 148

Holly Tharp Art Work 146 T

Holly Tharp, Painter 146

Plinio Pinto Art Work 146 T

Plinio Pinto, Painter 146

Scotty Culpepper, Painter and sculptor  147


Cutting Lone Production, 148 and 145

Ken Austin, Water Color Painter 149

Chis Gray, abstract artist 150

Jason Hunt Art Work T 151 cJason Hunt, Pencil Drawings 151

Byron Walker, Sculpture 152 and 153

Arthur Jones,  236

Monte Olinger, abstract artist 237

Claudia Nodarse, Mixed Media 238

Cameron Moore, painter 239

Chris Carr, photographer Studio C

Mathew Eric Wood Art Work T 238c

Eric Wood, Painter 240

Will Benton Art Work T 241Will Benton, Painter/Executive Director 241

Susana Youngsteadt Art Work T 148

Susana Youngsteadt, Mixed Media 242

FAVO Gallery, Various Artists and Mixed Media 252

FAVO offers a unique destination for those who want to support Orlando’s growing arts community. “You’re not just coming to have dinner or go shopping,” Executive Director Will Benton says. “You are meeting artists and seeing the new pieces they’ve created. You have an opportunity to buy an original or a print, or a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. The motel setting lends itself to exactly what we want to do, which is to give back to the community.” Click here to read about FAVO in the Orlando Sentinel.

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