Vision and Values

We affirm that the God of all creation is at the heart of all creativity. Our hope is that FAVO be a place where gifts of creativity are shared with all and for all, in a welcoming, healing, imaginative, hopeful, and peaceful setting.

Our values include

  • Hospitality: to invite everyone to creatively express their faith
  • Faith: to celebrate and uphold life as a gift and expression of God’s goodness and love
  • Reconciliation: to facilitate restoration and peace of broken and hurting individuals, communities, and creation
  • Imagination: to celebrate the divine mystery of life
  • Service: to affirm the value and intrinsic worth of others through acts of service


Faith Arts Village Orlando (FAVO) is a ministry of Park Lake Presbyterian Church that provides a place where the faith community and local artists can work together to share their gifts of inspiration, beauty, and spiritual expression to promote peace, understanding, and well-being in the larger community. Park Lake is honored to be able to serve the Orlando community through the creative re-use of this space. Beyond just being a space for artists and the community to gather, Park Lake hopes that FAVO can reach out to the wider community by offering free art classes to low-income children and families.

FAVO allows a wide variety of people to come together to create, eat, and celebrate — local artists, church members, patrons, children, and community residents.  Our community and our facilities allow for:

  • Mission outreach through the arts
  • Studio space for artists
  • Gallery space
  • Green and exhibit space for community events and performances
  • Monthly open-air markets and events

As FAVO grows, we will convert more of the property to accommodate:

  • Common areas for meetings
  • Classes
  • A cafe with gallery showings
  • Office space for administration
  • Residential space for designated guests
  • An Artist-in-Residence program, drawing artists to live, teach, and create at FAVO


FAVO was started by the co-pastors and session of Park Lake Presbyterian Church. Park Lake Church has owned the property at 221 East Colonial since 2002, leasing it as motel space. The last tenants left almost three years ago and PLPC has made several unsuccessful attempts to sell the property. After exploring other uses, Park Lake has embraced the idea of the Faith Arts Village, which we think will enhance the local arts scene and be a great fit for the Downtown and Park Lake Church community.

In September 2011, Park Lake hosted its first Third Thursday FAVO event. Each month since, hundreds of people have come to FAVO to listen to live music, view the work of local artists, enjoy Food Truck cuisine, and support the mission of FAVO.