Contribute to FAVO

FAVO needs $150,000 for building renovations before we can welcome resident artists and hold classes on-site. You can contribute by sending a check, payable to Park Lake Presbyterian Church, FAVO; 309 East Colonial Drive • Orlando, FL  32801

As a nonprofit ministry, FAVO welcomes and relies on the generosity of its contributors! Please consider making a tax exempt gift today through Park Lake Presbyterian Church to help FAVO grow and fulfill its mission of encouraging art as an expression of faith.

Your donation benefits a diverse group of people. FAVO serves local artists by providing affordable studio and gallery space.  Downtown Orlando residents of all ages (with an emphasis on children) benefit from our arts education courses. PLPC will build on its established partnership with Fern Creek Elementary School to bring art education and art expression to these students, 20% of whom are homeless, and 85% of whom qualify for subsidized lunches. With funding cuts in art education programs, FAVO meets a critical need in our community. Our neighbors along the Colonial Highland corridor, who will gain a revitalized neighborhood. Finally, the larger Central Florida community will be served through our visual, musical, and kinetic performances. FAVO will result in a stronger community both within its walls as artists can come to collaborate and create art together and without, as this project will complement and support the ongoing work of the arts in the city of Orlando.

Please contact Will Benton or the Park Lake Church office at 407-841-6550 for more information.

Thank you for supporting this exciting community endeavor through your generous contributions.